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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

We deliver three levels of service.

1.Wellness Newsletter Distribution – We create and distribute evidence-based health and wellness e-Newsletters that are branded with your company’s logo to demonstrate supportive leadership to enhance employee retention and customer loyalty.  We personalize the newsletters to every employee or customer by first name to optimize engagement.  Then, we use our specialized technology to track the engagement percentages of each newsletter over a six-month period to create an engagement (analytics) report.

After six months, we provide you with an analytics report. This report will show you what newsletters captured the highest level interest of your employees or customers. Based upon the report findings, we’ll customize future wellness newsletters to maximize interest and engagement for your employees or customers.

And, we do this at a price every business can afford.

2. Employee & Customer Wellness Coaching – To enhance employee and customer engagement, along with the wellness newsletter distribution, we provide wellness coaching (ie. fitness, nutrition, dietary supplement and well-being).  For example, if an employee or customer has a health related question or responds to a newsletter we send out with a question, we can provide expertise to help them.  This two-way dialogue supports employee or customer engagement and wellness.

3. Wellness Workshops – Locally, we provide 60-90 minute hands-on wellness workshops to help employees learn how to get rid of aches and pains to improve everyday performance.  We show them how to effectively address foot, knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder pain in a do-it-yourself fashion.  This fun and interactive workshop also includes a downloadable workbook for each participant.


Why do businesses hire you?

Businesses hire us because they believe what we believe, which is that healthy employees and happy customers improve their bottom line, and business owners and company leaders love the value at which we can deliver our service and expertise to enhance their reputation and benefit their employees and customers.

How can your service improve our bottom line?
Many ways. Here’s 5:
  1. Studies show that positive perceptions of supportive leadership improve employee retention and decrease employee turnover. When your employees know you care about them, they stay with you. Our company-branded newsletters (your logo on the top) deliver this supportive message from leadership. (Maertz, 2007)
  2. Our team uses a proven strategy to improve employee engagement via company specific analytics and personalization. Research shows companies with improved employee engagement have increased employee productivity and performance. (MacLeod, 2011)
  3. Our newsletters have a successful history of enhancing employee health. Studies have found a link between healthy employees and a decrease in sick days and improved operating income. (Parks, 2008)
  4. The distribution of engaging wellness content to your customers strengthens customer loyalty and retention. By providing newsletters twice a month to your customers, we help you stay relevant and keep your connection with them.  Keeping loyal customers saves your business time and money. Researchers found that acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. (Harvard Business Review, 2014)
  5. Improves word of mouth and social media marketing. When employees or customers share the wellness newsletters with friends, colleagues, family, etc., they spread a positive message on your behalf and provide you with free advertising. This enhances your reputation as a great business since your logo Is at the top of every shared newsletter and this increases the potential for business growth. (Berger, 2016)
How does your service provide a competitive advantage for our business?

Wellness Writers provides your company a competitive advantage by designing a newsletter that helps you attract and retain high caliber employees who are loyal to your business – making you an employer of choice.

Our newsletter experts design our content according to research on motivation and engagement. By providing a company branded and personalized newsletter, your employees will perceive your company as supportive. Research shows that this employee perception leads to a sense of company loyalty, a key to employer preference. (Maertz 2007)

Second, your employees will receive easy-to-understand health and wellness information that can be immediately applied. The ease of use fosters the adoption of healthier habits which has shown to lead to a happier and healthier attitude. Add our engagement analytics for company customization and you have optimized your employee health and wellness.

Happier and healthier employees demonstrate increased job satisfaction and productivity. Your competitive advantage is built right into the Wellness Writers’ newsletter. (MacLeod, 2011)

The competitive advantage works for customer-based businesses too! In fact, it can set you apart from your competitors. Demonstrating customer support through a personalized newsletter generates a preferred status.

Is the newsletter content the same for all businesses?

No. We appreciate the uniqueness of each business’ employees or customers and modify our newsletter content to generate an optimal fit. The initial six-month trial subscription is similar; however, we continually change the six-month content based on the most recent engagement levels.

After six months, we use company specific engagement analytics to find out what topics are the most engaging to your employees or customers and then adjust our content accordingly. For example, if your business has a high engagement percentage for an article on How to Master Healthy Habits, we will provide more content on this topic for your business in the future. Because we review our engagement analytics continuously, the longer the length of the newsletter subscription, the greater the positive impact we make on your employees’ or customers’ health and wellness.

In addition, we supplement newsletter content based upon feedback from employees who request different topics. For example, if an employee wants to know the answer to a specific health or wellness question, we have the health experts that perform the necessary research to address it through a future article or with a direct email to that employee.

How often do employees or customers get a newsletter?

We distribute e-newsletters on the exact day and time you prefer. Once that day and time are set, we send out the newsletters two times per month, alternating weeks.

For example, one business may prefer we send them out to their employees or customers around 10am on Tuesdays, while another company prefers we send them out around 12pm on Wednesdays. We establish the date and time of distribution based upon your request.

The number of months an employee or customer receives the newsletter is determined by a chosen subscription.

What are the subscription terms?

There are two subscription term options and they are based on your company’s desired level of employee or customer impact:

Option 1: A six-month trial option is available for businesses who want to evaluate their employee or customer engagement level for health and wellness. During that time, we provide twelve evidence-based newsletters containing a mix of the most popular health and wellness topics.

At the end of the trial period, we use our technology to create an analytics report that reveals your employee or customer engagement percentages. Your company can then use this report to identify company specific areas of employee or customer health and wellness interest.

The six month trial option can be seamlessly converted to a twelve month option which includes all of our engagement technology advantages and customization.

Option 2: A twelve month option is available for businesses who want to maximize their employee or customer engagement level for health and wellness right from the start. This option takes full advantage of our specially developed technology at the most affordable price.

During the twelve month (twenty-four newsletters) period, our team of experts will use engagement analytics to evaluate your business’ employee or customer engagement levels by newsletter content.

We also incorporate received feedback. These features differentiate us from our competitors and provide you with the greatest wellness value.

How much does it cost for a subscription?

Our service is one of the most affordable health and wellness subscriptions available. Depending upon the size of your company and the subscription term selected, the average cost is as little as $1 per employee or customer per month. The larger the company size and the longer the subscription term, the more affordable our service becomes.

What does it take to get started?
3 Simple Steps.

1. Sign a newsletter service and confidentiality agreement with your company and a Wellness Writers associate.

2a. Preferred Faster Option: Provide an excel sheet with employee or customer first names and email addresses:

Column 1: Mike       Column 2:


2b. We create a sign-up form link for you to manually add customers at your discretion.

3. Pre-payment – Monthly or quarterly, depending upon subscription term agreement.We then take care of everything else for the length of the subscription term.

What’s the difference between what your service offers and the free wellness articles provided by benefit providers or other 3rd party newsletter writers?

Our service is interactive. We go well beyond just providing the “what” of information; we also provide the “how.” Most health and wellness newsletters provide good information. But, they are neither personalized nor are they company-branded with your logo.  Also, they don’t tell you how to take action or which steps to take to see results.

Most importantly, our newsletters are evidence based (scientifically supported) versus opinion-oriented newsletters filled with unsubstantiated claims. This is where our experts excel. This difference is expressed in the feedback we receive from people who have been able to make positive changes.

The newsletters we provide have four main distinguishing features shown on the services page here.

Our most distinguished feature is our network of credentialed experts. Employees can reply to newsletters and connect with our experts who can address their questions, and they can expect to receive a timely answer. For example, one employee recently wanted to know if the nutrition bar she purchased was a quality product based on independent testing. Our nutritionist was able to answer her question the next day.

Additionally, for local businesses, we do offer live employee wellness workshops.

What topics can we expect to see?

The topics are all evidence-based, which means they are scientifically supported with the intent of helping readers (adult population) become healthier and happier. The scope is wide and far reaching.

Here’s some examples…

How to Improve Your Sleep Quality With Exercise Timing

3 Foods to Power Up Your Performance and Immunity

The Simple Question to Ask Yourself for a Happiness Upgrade

4 Methods to Calm Your Mind in a Chaotic World

How to Lose Weight Safely and Effectively with a Low Carb Approach

5 Principles for Healthy Long-Term Relationships

How can we get started?

Please fill out our simple request form here.

We have some additional questions about Wellness Writers. Who do we contact for answers?

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