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Looking for a Competitive Edge?  We Can Help.

Wellness Writers aligns and integrates itself with your strategic business goals to deliver meaningful results through employee or customer engagement with evidence-based wellness solutions.

Spearheaded by Dr. Hollie Barnas, Ph.D. and health expert, Dave Barnas, MS, CES, CPT, Wellness Writers is an innovative wellness research and authorship firm based in Connecticut serving small to mid-sized businesses. We look to form mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by helping them get a jump start on their competitors by improving employee or customer engagement, attraction and retention, and helping them lower absentee rates and sick days through increased wellness awareness. We also leverage technology to offer large business level services at an affordable small to mid-size business price.

The unique combination of wellness expertise and innovation creates the ability for company customization that helps our customers profit from a wellness mindset.

At Wellness Writers, we work on leveraging the right synergies between technology, wellness and the unique profile of your company culture to continuously improve the outlook and results of your business with engagement analytics.

We, at Wellness Writers, have decades of experience, degrees and certifications in the fields of business, human resources, exercise science, nutritional science, healthy living, fitness training, motivation and engagement, stress reduction, psychological well-being, dietary supplement advising, continuous improvement and more. We ensure our skills are put to the best use for our clients, providing their employees and clients with the right information mix to capture maximum interest.

Our Mission

To be at the forefront in delivering a custom business and technology engagement tool that offers evidence-based wellness solutions to improve the bottom line of every client we serve.

Value Proposition

Wellness Writers’ innovative service helps your company gain a competitive edge as a workplace of choice with a low cost and highly effective engagement approach that positively enhances employee loyalty and promotes company profits through health and wellness improvements, reduced sick days, increased retention and greater employee satisfaction.  Our service can also be leveraged to enhance customer loyalty and marketing to increase the growth potential of your business.
In short, our effectiveness lies in our execution methodologies and innovative wellness solutions at the best value available to small and mid-sized businesses looking to adopt a wellness mindset.